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"What research study has had the greatest impact on you?"

Research Paper:

Use of Pubic Symphysis Curettage for Treatment-Resistant Osteitis Pubis in Athletes


The American Journal of Sports Medicine (2008)


Ross Radic, Peter Annear

Why this paper?

The first study I did probably had the greatest impact on me. In hindsight, it has probably set up quite a lot of what I have done since.

I did the research project with Peter Annear. Pete is my mentor and good friend. I regard him very highly. When I was a medical student and I realised I wanted to do orthopaedics, Pete was someone who gave me his ear and guided me through the process of becoming an orthopaedic surgeon. A process that is quite convoluted. I didn’t come from a medical family and I didn’t really know how to get into this stuff. He certainly helped me through that process. I remember him saying, “if you want to be a surgeon you have to do some research.” At the time I thought ‘I don’t really know what research is or what it would look like, but great, let’s do something.’ He gave me a project to work on. I fumbled and dawdled my way through it. In the end it got published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. Which is probably one of the journal’s with the highest impact factor globally.

That was a really pleasing achievement. Pete always had time for me and always respected me as one of the juniors. I think I stepped up a little bit in Pete’s regard, having completed and succeeded with that project.

It also enabled me to then add it my CV to get into orthopaedic training. It really was a big milestone that helped me then achieve many other things thereafter.

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